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Are Your Orphaned IRAs Being Neglected?

The typical worker will have had 7 employers by the time they retire. When people change jobs, they often forget to bring their retirement accounts with them. Current estimates peg the number at more than 15 million orphaned accounts, containing over $1 trillion! That's a lot of money that people will assuredly need in retirement that isn't being carefully managed.

Do you currently have one of those 15 million neglected accounts? If so, scroll down to find out who we are and how we're helping rescue these orphans with our Buffett-inspired investment strategies. But first, a little bit about why we do what we do...

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Our Why

We continually challenge the status quo.
Why is that important?
After years of exhaustive study of Warren Buffett, we realized that he has been challenging the status quo his entire career. Whether it's his investment principles, his approach to running Berkshire Hathaway, or even his views on philanthropy, Mr. Buffett is never satisfied in just trusting the conventional wisdom. He's always thinking for himself.
We bring that same independence of thought to everything we do at Farnam Street Investments.

What We Do

Many people have an orphaned IRA or 401k from changing jobs.

We're happy to rescue and consolidate these orphaned accounts and invest them in a proven, Buffett-like fashion. Given Mr. Buffett's astounding track record, it still surprises us that so few investment professionals (less than 1%) seek to replicate his methods.

Our investment approach is no doubt rare in the industry, but we believe in it so thoroughly that we invest our own personal money in the exact same strategies we use for clients. We happily eat our own cooking.

After rescuing their orphaned IRA, most clients want us to manage all of their investable assets.

Usually people like our style and results so much, they want us to manage increasing portions of their net worth. It's an honor that they trust us to look after their financial well-being. We have a tight-knit relationship with Schwab Institutional which allows us to manage nearly any type of account Schwab provides. Whether it's rolling over an IRA, setting up a Roth, or establishing a 401k for your business, all of the tools are at our disposal from one of the most trusted names in the industry.

The day-to-day...

We spend our time reading books and teaching MBA classes to keep the saw sharp. Investing is a cumulative sport; we're conscientious about about getting better every day at our craft. Compounding returns spring from compounding knowledge.

We continuously scour the world for attractive risk-reward opportunities. The market doesn't tell us what something is worth – our research does. This allows us to take advantage of the market's mood swings. These irrationalities create the opportunity that most miss while following the herd.

Who We Are

Jacob L. Taylor, CEO
Jacob L. Taylor, CEO
Lonnie J. Rush, CIO
Lonnie J. Rush, CIO
Meet Jake and Lonnie:
  • Investors
  • Professors
  • Family Men
  • Nature Lovers
  • Health Enthusiasts
  • World Travelers

How to Connect with Us

If you're ready to have two Buffett-geeks rescue your account, click here to get started.

Otherwise, reach out to us at:

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